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NTTD Team Check List

You have been selected by the Rector to serve on a North Texas Tres Dias Weekend. Individual team members working together as one body in Christ is key to the success of the Tres Dias experience. As a member of a weekend team, you will play an integral role in impacting the lives, families, faith, and churches of all those participating in the weekend. Being asked to serve by the Rector of an upcoming NTTD weekend is both a blessing and a privilege. It means God has placed your name on the heart of that Rector.


Keeping this in mind, your decision to serve is one that should be made with prayerful consideration of the commitment being made to God.

In order to serve on a weekend, you will need to complete the following steps.

Step 1 - Read and Sign the NTTD Team Covenant

NOTE: You will not be put into the NTTD Connect Team Group until the Team Covenant is signed.

Step 2 - Pay Team Fee of $240.00 (Spiritual Directors skip this step)

Step 3 - Sign the Lake Lavon Camp "Retreat Release Form"

            NOTE: This includes dietary restrictions.

Step 4 - Download and Read the Tres Dias Guide Book (Spiral Book)

If you have any questions, please speak with your weekend Rector.

If you have technical questions, email the Tech Committee at

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