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Attending a Tres Dias Weekend

Attending a Tres Dias weekend begins with a desire to grow deeper in your current relationship with Christ. In order to attend a weekend, all candidates must be sponsored by someone that has completed a Tres Dias or similar renewal weekend. Prayerful consideration by both you and your sponsor are an important first step in discerning God’s will for your attendance. The weekends are segregated in this way: Men attend a weekend together, and (usually one week later), women attend a weekend together. If you are a married candidate, we have found that usually the husband attends the men’s weekend first. This way a couple will be able to share their Tres Dias experience in the same season. If this isn’t possible, just talk with your sponsor about your scheduling needs. Increase your spiritual growth with Christ.

If you feel led to attend, please work with your sponsor to fill out the application to register for the upcoming NTTD weekend. The full application needs to be completed.

Do you have questions? Please contact the Pre-Weekend Committee here.

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