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Usually, there are a lot of questions . . . here are the most common ones we get.

While our hope and intentions are that this weekend will result in a deeper spiritual relationship with Jesus, there are always some logistical questions. The person that “sponsored” you can usually answer most of your concerns, but, just in case they are not around when the questions come up, here are some general things  you might want to know:

    The “weekend” actually begins on Thursday evening around 7:00 pm and concludes on Sunday, around 5:00 pm. The majority of the lectures and activities occur Friday morning through Sunday afternoon. These compose the “three days/tres dias” experience.
    Every participant must have a “Sponsor” — this is someone who has already attended a Tres Dias (or similar, ex: “Walk to Emmaus”) weekend. Your sponsor will assist you in preparation for the weekend, will get you to and from the campground, will take care of things at home if needed, feed the dog if you need it, and, generally help you relax, knowing that everything is handled while you are away. The other important role your sponsor fulfils is to answer any questions you have after the weekend… questions such as “How do I get to serve on one of these amazing weekends?” or “When can I go again?”. If you know someone in your church who has attended a Tres Dias weekend, ask them to tell you more and how to get started. The main thing is to pray about it, and if you decide that you should go, submit an application that your sponsor will provide. Within the DFW Metroplex, if you don’t know of anyone in your church or at work who has attended a Tres Dias weekend, ask your Pastor. Your Pastor can get in touch with a member of our Board of Directors and see if we can find someone near you who can sponsor you. We have found that if you feel like you are “supposed” to go, after praying about it, a suitable sponsor will appear. It just always works out.
    Yes, we require a $100.00 deposit with the application. The cost for the weekend would normally be $220.00 per participant, however, a very generous donor to NTTD is covering the remainder of the cost, and therefore the initial and final cost to you is $100.00. The per participant cost includes three nights deluxe campground lodging, all meals Thursday – Sunday, snacks, drinks, and all materials necessary for the weekend. Your Sponsor is not responsible financially for the application deposit or the cost of the weekend, but, we never want money to prevent someone from coming! Therefore, if money is an issue for the deposit, please let your sponsor know. Again, we do ask that the person attending pay the first $100.00 deposit, to secure the commitment to attend. There are sometimes other ways for the balance to be worked out. Just talk with your sponsor and they will represent the need to our Board, as sometimes there are scholarships, and sometimes a payment plan will be arranged. The point is: if you feel you want to attend, please do not let money be the only reason you hesitate.
    Tres Dias is open to all adult Christians, men, and women, married or single, regardless of denomination. We are not one particular church, but our community is represented by a lovely blend of dozens of churches. The thing we have in common is our faith in God. It is segregated only in that the men go through on one weekend and the women on a separate weekend following. North Texas Tres Dias weekends are typically scheduled in the fall and in the springtime (a men’s and women’s weekend in the fall and another men’s and women’s weekend in the spring). You must be at least 21 years old at the time of the weekend. Laity and clergy alike are invited and encouraged to attend a Tres Dias weekend together and become part of this vibrant North Texas community of believers. Husbands and wives attend different and unique weekends. We usually suggest that the husband attend first. The weekends are sequential, meaning one right after the other. The only exception to this pattern would be if there is a holiday (ex: Easter), or, the campground has a problem accommodating our large group for two successive weekends. In that case, there is sometimes a two-week gap between the men’s and the women’s weekend.
    To feel secure in the knowledge that you are fully accepted where you are, who you are, and as you are, and to know that a specific response is not expected of you; To make a genuine effort to discover where you are spiritually as you reflect on what you are learning, and examine where or how you can grow in your Christian life; To be open and willing to respond to what you experience, to share your feelings with others at your table who you will get to know, and to listen attentively and allow them to share their observations with you; To make a genuine effort to discover where you are spiritually, and where or how you can grow in your Christian life; To be curious and accepting of others; To participate fully, not anticipate anxiously. ***There are many team members on each weekend with their only intention being to serve you. Please do not hesitate to ask for what you need or express any discomfort you are feeling. There are always at least three Spiritual Directors available throughout the weekend as well, and their role is to answer spiritual questions and offer sound spiritual guidance and clarification.
    North Texas Tres Dias (NTTD) has activities and support throughout the entire Metroplex. People at over 75 churches are involved in NTTD. Tres Dias weekends are held at the Lake Lavon Baptist Camp in Princeton, Texas. Transportation to and from the retreat center will be provided by your sponsor. Subsequent gatherings are at a variety of churches throughout Dallas/Fort Worth.
    A series of 15 talks are given by people just like you (laity), as well as the Spiritual Directors (clergy or counsellors). These talks and their discussion around your table cover the “short course in Christianity”, which is the basis for Tres Dias and all similar “Fourth Day” type communities (such as Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, etc.). There are morning and evening times of quiet in a chapel together. You will be well fed. Most people find that Tres Dias is an “experiential” type of weekend. Yes, you will worship and study together. But, also, there are a variety of activities designed to integrate the information at a deeper level so that it is so much more than simply hearing a series of talks. The atmosphere of a Tres Dias weekend is one of love, joy, patience, hope, Christian fellowship, sharing, singing, participation, laughing and worship.
    Each person who comes back from the weekend with a renewed commitment to work for Christ is encouraged and invited to join in the activities of like-minded people who have also experienced one of our weekends. Your Sponsor is a good resource to help you connect with and continue to develop relationships with the North Texas Tres Dias Community. The purpose of this community is to give strength and support to each other in order that each person might grow in faith and develop their particular gifts of ministry. The support is provided through two methods: GROUP MEETINGS (we call these “Reunion Groups”) These are usually small (6-15) people that attended a NTTD weekend and found common interests or developed friendships as a result of attending. We find that people want to keep on meeting with their “new best friends” that they met during their weekend. These groups form naturally and then are organized to be held regularly. This just means several people gather together for mutual encouragement, fun, personal and spiritual development, and ongoing support. AREA MEETINGS (we call these “Secuelas”, a sequal to the weekend) These are meetings of larger groups of people. These are for anyone who participated in a weekend and also open to other friends or family members who just want to see what you experienced. These are open to all and we usually have childcare available so that the whole family can attend. At these “pot-luck” dinners, we have amazing music/bands and sing songs, enjoy one another’s company around a table, hear what is happening in other’s lives, and generally encourage one another onward and upward! And, yes, this is where there is ALWAYS lots of good food! These are always fun.
    Nope! Tres Dias is comprised of people from over 75 different denominations. Tres Dias is not a substitute for church. The real point of Tres Dias is to raise up leaders that go back and serve at their own church. Tres Dias can only help awaken the need for Christ in your life, or strengthen the walk you already have with Him. This awakening and strengthening takes on its fullest meaning when you engage to play a more committed and active role in your church community.
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