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Weekend #75 Serenade

Come and serenade the men and women of NTTD Weekend #75!  You don't have to sing well (or sing at all), the candidates just need to see how God can pour his love out through our community worshiping the Savior!

Men's Weekend (for the Ladies)

Saturday, April 13th

Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center

8050 Co Rd 735, Princeton, TX 75407

Meeting in the Lakeside Chapel.

Park at the chapel 

Arrive at the campground at 5:00 pm

Team will direct you where to go

Wear your "Sunday Best"

Women's Weekend (for the Men)

Saturday, April 20th

Lake Lavon Camp & Conference Center

8050 Co Rd 735, Princeton, TX 75407

Meeting in the Lakeside Chapel.

Park at the chapel 

Arrive at the campground at 5:00 pm

Team will direct you where to go

Wear your "Sunday Best"

Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands. Serve the LORD with gladness: Come before his presence with singing.
Psalm 100:1-2

If your spouse, fiancé, or significant other is a candidate, by Tres Dias tradition you may not attend serenade.

Prayer Wheel Sign Up

The North Texas Tres Dias #75 Weekends are very quickly approaching, and we know that the teams are doing their very best to prepare to give their all to serve the Candidates who will be attending.  As the community, it is our responsibility to make a petition of prayer on behalf of the candidates, team, and Rectors.

The most impactful way of praying is signing up for the 24/7 Palanca Prayer Wheel.  Remember, everyone who signs up to pray will have their name displayed during the weekend to show the candidates how the community is supporting them.


With our new community portal, we have a way of signing up for the Weekend Prayer Wheels!  You can do this on the new community portal at, sign in or register for a account.  



Please, don't forget to



Palanca is always needed

on the Tres Dias Weekends!  You can be the "lever" that will help someone on the weekend see Jesus working in their lives.  So, get your Reunion Groups together and start hot glueing!

Did you know that you don't have to be on the team to write a "General Palanca Letter?"  The candidates would be so blessed to see your prayer and blessing for them on the walls or in their Palanca bags!

You can drop off your Palanca during Send Off, or Serenade.  Don't forget to make more than you think you should! Prepare for 42 candidates, and at least 80 team.


If you think you are not ready to be a sponsor, think again…you ARE! God equips the called!

It is not too late to sponsor a friend, relative, or church member to attend NTTD Weekend #75!  

Read the wonderful article in the March Newsletter by Ann Ethridge.  She expertly exhorts the community to share this opportunity in love.


Final Rector Update!


Men's Weekend #75

Rector, Joe Linney - April 11-14, 2024

Joe Linney.jpg

THEME:  True Potential

VERSE: Proverbs 19:21


SONG:  Nothing Else by Cody Carnes

We are done with all our team meetings, and we all getting ready for the men’s weekend. I know God has a lot in store for us all!


We are all super excited for the weekend, but still ask for prayer over all team, candidates, and family. We know God will show up in so many ways. He has this weekend planned, prepared, and he will lead us all to be Jesus with skin on.


If y'all have someone in mind to send through, please begin to pray on It now. Remember sponsorship isn't over after the weekend. In fact your role is probably more important as a support cast to disciple the candidates and help get them plugged in.

De Colores, 
Joe Linney
NTTD, Rector #75

Women's Weekend #75

Rector, Beth Denehie - April 18-21, 2024

Beth Denehie 1.jpg

THEME:  Worthy, Loved, Forgiven, Chosen

VERSE: Matthew 13:46

COLORS:  Red orange, Blue green, and Pearl

SONG:  O Come to the Altar

How can it be we are JUST two weeks away from this amazing weekend!  Our team is in the final preparation stage and we are excited to gather for our last team meeting next Saturday.

It is a beautiful journey to be on with this amazing team and we can't wait to see all the glory that comes from His hand over all the details and all the things for His weekend. 


Please continue to pray for our health, protection and preparations as we get ready for the mighty NTTD Women's Weekend #75.  De Colores

De Colores,
Beth Denehie
NTTD, Rector #75



Are you interested in serving on an upcoming Tres Dias weekend? 

If so, join us for the upcoming Essentials Training.

The Leaders Committee is offering a training date.


Saturday, April 27th


9:00 am to 11:00 am

Before the Secuela


Reclamation Church

901 Cross Bend Rd.

Plano, TX 75023

Call or Text Claudia Kelley at (214) 762-6769

for more information.


Fundraiser Fun

Get Ready for a Summer of Fun with North Texas Tres Dias!

This summer, we're bringing the heat with a lineup of fun-filled fundraisers designed to support our mission while providing ample entertainment for our community. From competitive sports to lucky draws, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Here's a sneak peek at what we have in store!

Image by Venti Views

Pickleball Tournaments

Grab your paddles and join us for our inaugural pickleball tournament. Whether you're a seasoned player or just looking for a fun way to stay active, this event promises excitement and friendly competition. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams, so start forming your squads now!

Travel and Fun Raffle

Dreaming of your next vacation or a fun day out? Our Summer of Fun Raffle is your ticket to adventure! Win travel vouchers, staycation packages, and tickets to local attractions. Every ticket supports our cause and brings you one step closer to an unforgettable summer experience.

Community Garage Sale

Declutter for a cause at our community garage sale.

It's the perfect opportunity to find new treasures and give your gently used items a second life. All proceeds will go towards supporting our leadership development programs.

Image by Alvan Nee

Lottery Raffle Gifts

Commit to making a monthly donation and be automatically entered into our quarterly lottery raffle. Amazing gifts await our lucky members, from gourmet dining experiences to tech gadgets. It's our way of saying thank you for your continuous support.

These events are not just about raising funds; they're about coming together as a community, having fun, and making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Stay tuned for more details on dates, locations, and how you can get involved in making this Summer of Fun one for the books!

Let's make this summer unforgettable, all while supporting a fantastic cause. We can't wait to see you there!

Prez Points


After I went through Tres Dias, I tried to develop some good habits that I wasn't currently doing. One of my favorites was a daily email devotional with a prayer by Os Hillman. In his message entitled "The Way of God" he spoke of how God trains leaders, and it seems applicable in our ministry:

Dak Lyons.jpeg

Dak Lyons
NTTD President

There are three patterns of preparation that have been common among most of God's leaders.


  1. There is a time when the leader is separated from his old life. Consider Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and Paul. In order for God to mold and shape them into His nature, it appears that He had to remove them from the life of comfort. A teacher once said, "You cannot go with God and remain where you are."

  2. There is usually a time of solitude. God often brings leaders into a time of solitude in order to speak to them without other distractions. Hosea 2:14b says, "I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her." Paul was sent to Arabia for two years for a time of solitude. Joseph spent years in the solitude of prison. Moses spent 40 years in the desert herding sheep.

  3. God's preparation for leaders is discomfort. The setting in which the preparation takes place usually is not a place of comfort. Abraham traveled through the difficult deserts. David lived in caves fleeing Saul. Paul was frequently persecuted.


Are you ready for God's leadership preparation? If God is ready for you to step into leadership, you my have one of these reactions.


  1. You may say, "I don't need it." Perhaps you know intellectually that you do need this, but God wants you to know it in your heart. Pride prevents us from entering this classroom.

  2. Your reaction may be, "I'm tired of it." You decide you've had enough. If so, this will disqualify you from leadership.

  3. Finally, God's desired response from us in this preparation is, "I accept it." To accept it with joy is the place of maturity in Christ. God often keeps us in these places until we come to accept and agree that Jesus is enough. Is He all you need?


Are you ready for the process required for being a godly leader? Ask for His grace to willingly embrace these times of preparation.


Dak Lyons

NTTD Board President


"The Way of God" Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman 09-09-2012


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