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DFW Camino de Cristo

There is a new 3-day Community in the DFW area! 

DFW Camino de Cristo will be holding its #1 weekends in June. 

Testimonial - Dani Acosta

I just turned 21 a few months ago but I was 15 when I went through Vida Nueva, now called Camino de Cristo. It’s been a journey to say the least. At the age of 15, I was just a hurt little girl who felt like the entire world was against her. My mother served in Tres Dias all the time, so I somewhat knew what Camino de Cristo was. I did not want to go through Camino de Cristo – not a surprise.  I didn’t receive anything from the weekend when I went through, or so I thought. That broken 15-year-old girl started her healing journey on that weekend she went through as a candidate. 

Six months later I got a call to serve, although I did not want to, I accepted. Serving has been such a major part of my healing process as a broken youth, a part of this broken world. After serving seven times in a row, you think you have healed it all, but we all know that is not true. Last summer, I had the amazing honor of being the Youth Rector to girls the same age as me! Looking back, my proudest moment in my life has been walking this path called life with girls that were and are in the same boat as me. I would encourage adults as a parent, grandparent and friends to pray for the next generation. This ministry has been such a blessing to so many youth that are crying out for the Lord. I pray that the Lord may move the hearts of those who know youth who need to begin their healing process as I did. 

Testimonial - Clayton Kimbrel

Camino de Cristo (formerly Vida Nueva) has meant a lot to me growing up, and it still is impacting me to this day. As a candidate, I immediately felt loved and wanted by the community at just one step into the dorms on my first weekend. All the hugs I got alone without knowing anyone, told me that this is something incredibly special. Growing up, I’ve always had trouble meeting new people and joining any community, so seeing all the love these men poured into me was a life-changing experience I will always remember. 


I jumped into the opportunity to serve the following weekend because I wanted to give back what I was given. Love, community, and testimony. To show the love of Christ to these candidates like they’ve never seen or felt before, just like I had on my weekend. I served that weekend, and the next, and the next, etcetera, etcetera. Even past the pandemic, I still was as committed as I could, because of how much God impacted me through it. And I would do it all again.


Now, I’ve been serving on the weekends for a few years and recently got the privilege to be the Youth Rector for DFWVN #17 this past winter. It’s hard to express in words the experience of being rector for a weekend. But to the best of my ability, I can wholeheartedly say that allowing God to use me for His work is an extraordinary feeling that can only be God impacting lives. The change I could see happen in a matter of 3 days is something I couldn’t have even imagined. And to have the opportunity to be that vessel will always remain in my head as a great memory. 


Currently, I’ve been getting more involved with the board at DFWCC and recently became the Youth Vice President, and I’m still rigorously praying for DFWCC and surrounding communities. God’s been leading me to a new direction after Rectorship, and now that I’m with the board, I can still be involved with the community I belove, while also pursuing my passions and allowing God to lead me wherever He wants me.

Our summer weekend dates are listed below.  If you have a candidate that you would like to sponsor, you can sign them up on our website – (we are in transition to a new web address, so our site still has the VN domain).  Also, if you would be interested in serving on one of these youth weekends, you can contact the rectors listed below. 

DFWCC Young Men’s #1 Weekend

June 22-25 (Th-Su)

Trey Feigle – youth rector – 214-790-5923

Christopher Koehler – adult rector – 214-316-6801


DFWCC Young Women’s #1 Weekend

June 29 – July 2 (Th-Su)

Abigail Koehler – youth rector – 214-450-7981

Jocelyn Berna – adult rector – 972-989-7445

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