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Claudia's Meditation

So a few weeks ago, I was asked to come and talk to you for a bit about a practice that I started about 5 years ago.  My reunion sister, Julie, was going to be the Rector on weekend #66 and I was honored to be serving on her team.  When we introduced ourselves, she asked us what our “word” was for the year.  I had not done that before and so it began for me.  I cannot remember what that word was if I am going to be honest.  But it began a habit that has really grown over the years. 


Now I thoughtfully prepare beginning about November for God to give me the word He wants me to focus on for the upcoming year.  2022 was Empower.  I loved that word.  And God completely confirmed in several ways that that was the word He had for me.  In January of 2022 I was having a conversation with Andre Tusant, and telling him how I was not an enabler…and he replied “You are an empowerer”!  I laughed and said that was my word for the year, and how that made me look at the word outwardly rather than just inwardly.


So this year came along, and again I began in November again.  But it was harder this year as I knew I am confronting some big decisions and perhaps changes in my life.  Finally, the end of December, after choosing and discarding several options, I felt at peace with the word “seeking”.  Did I mention that one of the things I do to focus on the word is to include it in my password.  As I began to add this word into my password…like usual added capital letters ever so often.  Without thinking about it I did capital SeeKing…..and was surprised to see See King in front of me. Now I am not giving away my password to the whole room…I have other things there!  But I really felt God wanted my focus for this year and I need to intentionally remember to Seek Him in even the smallest things.  


So - what is God’s Word for you this year?  Have you been prompted?  As you come together and talk as a mini reunion group…can you share what word God shared with you and any direction you have taken from that?  Maybe you have another intentional effort that you do as God turns the page into a new year?  Maybe you can talk about the word “intentional”...a powerful reminder for every Christian that my intention needs to be in line with His intention.  


De Colores!

Claudia Kelly

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