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NTTD Community Newsletter


November Newsletter


November is the season for voting!

Not only do we get to exercise our right to vote for our local and national government, but we also have the privilege of voting on our North Texas Tres Dias leaders as well!

We rely on our NTTD Board of Directors Members to make decisions on behalf of our NTTD community.  It is so very important that every Pescador's voice is represented in decisions that are made.  

Please be a contributor to the success and future of our NTTD Community by voting on our President Elect, Corresponding Secretary, and 4 At-Large Members who are up for election.

ballot box voting
Buffet Style


We miss seeing you!


This past season has been difficult for everyone.  The isolation and abandoned relationships have weighed heavy on the community as a whole. Now is the time to revive our NTTD community, and ignite those friendships and relationships that bound us together in Jesus. 

Plan to attend the upcoming Secuela to meet our new Weekend #72 Pescadors, and catch up with Tres Dias friends.  Make sure to tell your Reunion Group to meet you there! 

We will have a worship time, a 4th Day talk, a Meditation, and of course YUMMY food!  Don't miss this important time to strengthen our Tres Dias community!

This is also the Annual Meeting of the NTTD Members, and we will be announcing the new board members that will have been newly elected (see election details).

November 19, 2022

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


TPC Commons

121 S Tennessee Street

McKinney TX 75069


Would you like to help with the secuela?

Contact the 4th Day Committee Heads

Chris & Linda Madrid.


Meet Rob Burner

Hello Friends, my name is Rob Burner.

I attended NTTD #24 and I’m currently serving as our non-profit Board Treasurer.  My wife Jennifer and I attend Cross Timbers Community Church in Argyle, TX and we are active and serving there as well as within our North Texas Tres Dias community.

Our dear friends Bud and Jan Stradley invited us to attend a Tres Dias weekend while we were attending a Cross Timbers Life Group in the early 2000's, we simply said, “we trust you”, and if you think it is something that would benefit the two of us individually as well as in our marriage relationship, let’s go!

I was delighted to witness servant leadership, God’s grace in action as well as in instruction.  Today, we make invitations to friends, family, and co-workers that we have relationships with, as we know that God has something life changing for everyone to experience in Tres Dias and this amazing ministry.

We continue to serve on weekends, on the Board, in sponsoring and promoting Tres Dias, because we want to give back to a ministry that we have received so much from.

DeColores!  Rob

Rob Burner_edited.png
Board Highlight


We’re looking for Assistant Treasurers!

Do you have a gifting in accounting and/or recordkeeping?  Our Non-Profit Board of Directors is looking for North Texas Tres Dias Pescadores who are interested in assisting our elected Treasurer with financial accounting and recordkeeping duties, and to periodically back up the Treasurer in case of absence or disability.


Duties may include assisting with recommendations for budget changes, financial analyses of costs and revenues for future planning; assisting with preparing, auditing and consolidating operating and financial statements, assisting with arrangements and classifications of income and expenses, depositing funds, and assisting with keeping full and accurate accounts of all receipts, disbursements and contributions.


Assistant Treasurer(s) will be appointed officers, however the role is not considered a voting member of the Board of Directors.  Serving our community in this important position would give Assistant Treasurer(s) invaluable experience, skills, and insights when considering a future nomination to serve as a non-profit Treasurer.


Do you want to work on a weekend?

You need Essentials Training!


Have been blessed on your Tres Dias weekend by those Pescadors serving on the team?  You can also be a blessing!

All you need to do to serve on a NTTD Team is to attend the Tres Dias Essentials Training.  You will learn what is essential to make the Tres Dias weekend effective, and the traditions that make a weekend memorable.  This training is needed to explain the ins in outs of the Tres Dias weekend, community, and the International community.

Has it been awhile since you have served? Do you need a refresher?  You can attend as well!  Let the upcoming rectors know that they can trust you with the essentials of the weekend.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

3:00 pm (Before the Secuela)

TPC Commons

121 S Tennessee Street, McKinney, TX 75069

assistat tres



Hello NTTD!

We are very excited to have completed our 2nd set of Men's and Women's weekends for the year. After two years of no weekends, it was really a truly amazing experience to see the weekends go so smoothly, and be such a blessing. However, we really shouldn't be surprised, that is ALL God, and how he is!


We are so blessed as a community!  We hope if you have not served in a while, you can get back in! At closings it is great to hear about the Pescadores experience, and if you can't work, sponsoring someone to experience the same blessing is great to!


If you ever have any questions, or want to know how to get back involved, just let me knowYou can text or call!

De Colores,

Dak Lyons

President, NTTD

NTTD #25

(817) 715-7468

Pres Points


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