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NTTD Treasurer Report

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your continued financial support, for sponsoring your friends and family, and for your service to North Texas Tres Dias and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Rob Burner, NTTD Treasurer


Our heart is that finances will not be the deciding reason someone cannot attend a Tres Dias weekend. We are excited to share that our North Texas Tres Dias community has been blessed with a generous donation to pay for all Candidates to attend for the next several years. 

You’ll notice when completing a Candidate application for an upcoming weekend, that all that is required is a Candidate Deposit of $50, the rest is covered!  To register a Candidate, click the following links, or register on our website at:

Operating Funds

We run lean, and we’ve continued to have monthly operating expenses these last few years while not hosting weekends during the Pandemic.  We continue to need resources to run weekends, and your support will provide the necessary funds that will help pay the costs of the weekends and monthly operating expenses. 


Would you consider a recurring or one time gift? 

There are several convenient payment methods listed below:

  • By Mail

    • Check to NTTD, Inc.,

    • 2204 Pinnell Court, Corinth, TX 76210

  • Zelle to NTTD, Inc.

  • Pushpay

    • Select "Give One Time"​

    • or, Select "Setup Up Recurring" 



For financial concerns and comments, contact Rob Burner.

Team Fees

Lake Lavon, our Campground host, has recently increased their per person fees this last year, and unfortunately we’ve been required to respond with an increase in our Team Fees as well, now $200.  If you have accepted an invitation to serve on an upcoming weekend, there are several ways that you can pay your Team Fees.

  • Deliver Cash or Check ($200)

    • Make out to "NTTD, Inc." t

    • Deliver to your Head or Assistant Head Cha

  • Zelle ($200) to NTTD, Inc.

    • email:

    • In the optional memo field:

      •  “Men’s # Team Fee” or “Women’s # Team Fee”.

    • No additional charge.

  • PayPal ($200)

  • Pushpay ($200)​​

    • Select the drop down to choose the charge

North Texas Giving Day

We are excited to share that North Texas Tres Dias will be participating in North Texas Giving Day again this year!  North Texas Giving Day is September 22, 2022.  But there is no need to wait, donate today!