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NTTD Community Newsletter

Image by Joanna Kosinska


4th Day Committee

We need your help!

Have you been blessed by attending a SECUELA? I certainly hope so! The Fourth Day Committee aims to cultivate this time in order to harvest meaningful conversations and have a little bit of fun, too. Right now, this committee consists of a small handful of persons who serve 80-100 people at a secuela. The framework is there, but we need more help!


We are looking to fulfill two areas: (1) for a different reunion group to help host at each secuela. This involves helping to set up, greeting, directing where to put food, and communicating day-of anything needed to help secuela flow smoother. (2) for persons to commit to helping plan for 2024. This involves brainstorming, planning, collecting supplies (really easy), delegating, set-up and praying for our time together. 


We all know that more hands on deck makes the job quicker and allows everyone to enjoy our time together. I pray you will be moved to join Fourth Day Committee! We have so much fun. Please reach out to Linda Madrid ( with any interest or questions!

4th Day

Storage Unit Change

Taking care of the community assets.

If you have ever served on a Tres Dias weekend, you know the items we use are very important for the weekend success. Keeping track of items like table decor, storeroom goodies, and chapel crosses give the Holy Spirit room to move.  


NTTD had been renting a small storage unit in Lucas, TX.  When they raised the rent for the storage, our Weekend Committee Chair, Pete D'Aloise, took the opportunity to find a larger unit.  With NTTD Board Approval, he secured a more spacious unit at Princeton Storage in
Princeton, TX.

We want to thank Pete for taking such good care of NTTD assets and looking out for the financial future of our community!  Also, a HUGE thank you to all those men who were able to help move our items over to the new unit!



In Hebrews 11, we see many names of those in the Old testament that are examples of faith. The chapter tells us what it means to have faith. Those with real faith accept God's word, focus on the assurance about what we do not see, and look beyond the situation as we see it with our own eyes and perceptions.


I listened to recent podcast by Tony Evans entitled, "The Triumph of Faith" and he mentions the heroes of faith in chapter 11, and a good point about challenges and faith:


"He has made it clear in Hebrews 11, verse 6, without faith you won't see God because without faith you do not please him. Faith must always - watch this - precede sight. Once you have sight, it is no longer faith.


I don't know about your yesterday. I do know if you'll live by faith today, God can still use you tomorrow and recognize you for what you have done and achieved by faith. But it must be by faith, and faith must precede sight. If you're waiting for sight, it's no longer faith. In each one of the people found in chapter 11 of Hebrews, men and women, there was a challenge that demanded faith.


So the reason God allows a negative obstacle to come into your presence is to see whether you're going to face it by faith or face it by sight. When you face it by faith, God joins you in it. When you face it by sight, you take care of it."


I pray that we face all of the challenges in life with faith, and not sight. Let's continue to join God, to be a part of his plan, with faith, confidence and perseverance. Let's not ask God to be a part of our plans, let us pray to be a part of His.


De Colores,

Dak Lyons

Dak Lyons.jpeg

NTTD Weekend #75

After the successful conclusion of the men and women's NTTD Weekend #74, the Official Bell has been passed to the next set of weekend rectors.  Please be in prayer for these Rectors as they begin building teams, and planning their weekends.  Keep reading the newsletter for more information regarding their themes, verses, and songs.

Joe Linney
April 11-14, 2024

Joe Linney.jpg

Beth Denehie
April 18-21, 2024

Beth Denehie 1.jpg

Secuela Success!

We want to thank the Hinojosa family for bringing cup after cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade to the Secuela "Under the Sky" Community at Arbor Hills Park in September. Augusta and Edgar bought their fair-style lemonade business, Happy Daze Lemonade, to the Secuela. Not only did they provide lemonade, but they split their profits with NTTD to help us kick off some fundraising that will make a difference to the community. 

A family-run business, Happy Daze Lemonade loves to sell lemonade at special events, local markets and festivals, and businesses that are looking for a special treat.  NTTD was able to make over $200 from the generosity and support of one of our own NTTD families. 

Thank you Hinojosa family and Happy Daze Lemonade for your creative way to support the community. We hope to see you and Happy Daze Lemonade at other local events and at future NTTD events. To contact Happy Daze Lemonade to be at your event use the QR code or email them.

Sec Pics


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