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Candidate Sponsorship

Greetings NTTD Community!


After two very challenging years, we are (finally) resuming our North Texas Tres Dias weekends! Now it’s time for the NTTD Community to do our part.


On many of the recent weekends, members of both the men’s and women's teams have also sponsored candidates. This is a challenges one of the main responsibilities of a sponsor is to serve the candidate’s family while he/she is away for the weekend, making sure any needs they may have are met. While team members often rely on Reunion Group brothers/sisters to fulfill this responsibility, it’s still less than ideal. Sponsorship is an opportunity for members of the NTTD community that are not serving on the team to have a lasting impact on the weekend. Along with prayer, it really should be thought of as being a crucial part of the offsite team.


As President of NTTD, I’m humbly asking each of you to prayerfully consider sponsoring a candidate for the upcoming weekends. Is there someone in your family, your circle of friends, your church, workplace or neighborhood that would be blessed by the Tres Dias experience?


A couple of important things to keep in mind while you think about that question: First, remember that Tres Dias isn’t designed to be an evangelical ministry. Potential candidates should already have a relationship with Christ and not be “seekers.” Second, and this has been an issue on recent weekends, Tres Dias isn’t equipped to be a rehab ministry. Potential candidates should not be in the midst of a substance abuse or addiction battle. Before asking a potential candidate about attending a weekend, prayerfully consider if he/she is physically, mentally, and spiritually ready for an up close and personal encounter with God’s unfailing love and grace.


Sponsorship Essentials:

  • Seek God’s will and guidance through prayer as to whom to sponsor

  • Candidates and sponsors should be living a lifestyle becoming to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

  • Help prepare the candidate for the weekend

  • Support the candidate and their family during the weekend

  • Help the candidate get the most benefit after the weekend

  • Hold the candidate up in prayer during the entire process.


Now, we some fantastic news to share! One obstacle that may have prevented a candidate from attending in the past has been removed thanks to a very generous donation by a member of our NTTD family. Until further notice, the fee for any candidate interested in attending a NTTD weekend will be covered! That’s right, we are only asking you as a sponsor to cover the $100 application fee and the remaining will be paid through our Candidate Fund!!


So there’s really nothing from stopping us as a community of believers, and as Pescadores who have experienced the life changing power of a Tres Dias weekend, from finding 42 men and women to bless through sponsorship. Together, we can make sure that both the upcoming weekends are full AND start a waiting list for the Fall weekends! The candidate application can be found on our website at and now everything, including the application fee, can be done electronically.


Let’s do this Community! Sponsor a brother or sister in Christ today!!


Dak Lyons

President, North Texas Tres Dias

NTTD #25

Cell: 817.715.7468

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