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Weekend #76 Rectors

Pray for the Rectors as they prepare for their weekends!

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Rector: Kurt Sadowski

Theme: Dauntless

Verse: "Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love."

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Colors: Black and Tan

Song: "Voice of Truth"

          - Casting Crowns

Gayla Lewis.jpg

Rector: Gayla Lewis

Theme: Hanging onto God’s Coattails

Verse: “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land.” 

Is. 1:19


Colors: Blues and Whites

Song: “Trust and Obey”

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Treasures Report

North Texas Tres Dias Pescadores,

Thank you for giving financially to our North Texas Tres Dias ministry! Your gifts help us with hosting our Men’s and Women’s three-day renewal weekends and support our non-profit operating expenses all year around!

Did you know that each year our community of generous givers, spend thousands of dollars on fees associated with credit card giving? Credit card fees can be up to 3% while ACH fees are substantially less at 1%.
Many chose to cover the fees themselves, which we are grateful for, but if you would consider switching to ACH instead of your credit card, North Texas Tres Dias would save thousands in fees every year.
An ACH is an electronic fund transfer made between banks and credit unions across what is called the Automated Clearing House network. ACH is used for all kinds of fund transfer transactions, including direct deposit of paychecks and monthly debits for routine payments.

If you are currently giving through a credit card, and it makes sense for you and your family, would you consider making your future gifts by ACH? Giving through ACH reduces the amount of fees, which allows your giving dollars to go further into the North Texas Tres Dias ministry.

To switch your giving to ACH, follow these simple steps, which are the same steps for those prayerfully considering giving for the first time:

For Recurring Gifts, login to the giving portal by following the steps below:
1.   Go to 
2.   Enter an amount under “Give”
3.   Click / select Gift type (Set up recurring)
4.   Click / select frequency (Every week, Every 2 weeks, Every month, etc.)
5.   Click / select Starting (date)
6.   Click / select Fund (Individual Contribution, Designated Contribution, Corporate Contribution)
7.   Choose “Add new payment method”
8.   Choose “Bank Account”
9.   Enter Routing Number / Account Number
10. Click / select “Checking” or “Savings”
11. Check “I authorize North Texas Tres Dias to debit the amount shown above from my account….”


To Add a new payment method for One-time Gifts, login to the Giving Portal using the following steps:
1.   Go to 
2.   Enter an amount under “Give”
3.   Click / select Gift type (Give one time)
4.   Click / select Fund (Individual Contribution, Designated Contribution, Corporate Contribution)
5.   Choose “Bank Account”
6.   Enter Routing Number / Account Number
7.   Click / select “Checking” or “Savings”
8.   Check “I authorize North Texas Tres Dias to debit the amount shown above from my account….”

We are so grateful that you would consider making this simple switch that in turn will make a big impact on the North Texas Tres Dias ministry. Thank you once again for your generosity, and please let me know if you have any questions or if you have any problems with your giving account.
Your contributions, no matter what size, are tax deductible and Individual and Corporate Contributors receive an annual acknowledgment letter to support your IRS tax deduction records.  I can also be contacted if you would like to receive a record of giving at any time.
Thank you and DeColores!

Chris Madrid, NTTD, Inc. Non-Profit Treasurer
North Texas Tres Dias 
Phone: 214-734-1531

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God Moment

"Have you received palanca that is continually meaningful to you?" This was a question posed recently by the NewsLetter Editor. I have, and I hope by sharing my story with you, that you might also find a deeper meaning and purpose in the palanca you receive and especially what you provide.


While I do not remember on which weekend it was that I received my cross palanca, I can tell you that it is in my pocket, daily. When I have the honor to serve at a table, it is this cross that we pass in the circle during our “We Prayers”. When I deliver a meditation, talk, or even share the announcements at my home church, it is this cross that I hold. Most importantly, this cross is a regular reminder and reflection of my relationship with Jesus.


I hold and carry this cross so much that I have become intimately aware of its shape, texture, and its flaws. I have assigned some of my personal trials to the flaws in my cross. I use this as a constant reminder that Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice for my own transgressions and I can put these on the cross as an expression of my faith in God’s love and forgiveness. As I am very aware of the details my cross, I am reminded that I desire the same knowledge and intimacy with Jesus. I love my cross because of its representation of Jesus in my life.


As often is the case of personal testimony, I am sharing this message with you, not because I think you should have the same experience, but I do hope that you recognize the value that can be placed on a simple bit of palanca. It is a “lever” that is meant to represent the work of the Holy Spirit moving us from where we are to where we need to be. As you prepare or receive palanca, I encourage you to do so prayerfully and with great expectation that it will serve its purpose in that moment and possibly for years to come.

De Colores,

Tom Dixon

NTTD Men's #59



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NTTD Connect

Have you logged into NTTD Connect to access your Profile?  If you have attended a North Texas Tres Dias weekend, you already have an account!

All you need to do is navigate to NTTD Connect, select "Forgot Password," and follow the instructions.  Then voilà, you are in! 

You will find forms, calendar, and MUCH more that will help you be connected to our community.  Keep in mind that we are still working with Pushpay to make a software that has been created for churches,. 


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