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NTTD Weekend #76

Men's - October 10-13
   Rector, Kurt Sadowski

Women's - October 17-20
   Rector, Gayla Lewis

How To Support NTTD

"Give, and it will be given to you." Luke 6:28

It was Friday afternoon, and you had already heard some great talks. Still a little shell shocked from the "Chicken Song", you were thinking "Ok, this isn't so bad." Then a wonderful Spiritual Director begins a talk about the Holy Spirit. Just when you thought it was settling down, they asked you to put your pencil down and led you to a room where people were praying. The Rector explained how they were praying for the Rollista and praying for you. They showed a prayer wheel with names of community members who were praying for you by name around the clock.  After shedding many tears, you all returned to the Rollo room where you were introduced to one of the best spanish words you learned all weekend...Palanca!

Now it's YOUR turn to be a lever! There are so many ways that you can support the Weekend #76 Rectors, the North Texas Tres Dias Board of Directors, and the candidates who will be attending.  YOU are the NTTD Community! Please consider sowing back into the ministry that blessed you!




Pray for the NTTD Board of Directors to make the correct decisions for the community. Pray for the Rectors and the teams of Weekend #76.

You can already sign up for the Prayer Wheel!

Give your time by serving on a Weekend Team or serve on a board committee.

Give funds to help the ministry operate on a monthly basis.

Sponsor someone you know who needs to feel and see the hands of God in their lives. It's never too early to begin praying and asking the Lord who He might want you to invite to the next Tres Dias weekend.


Write a General Palanca Letter for Weekend #76. Let the Candidates know, in a very tangible way, that you are praying for them, and you are supporting them on their weekend.

July Secuela
Summer 2024 Secuela.jpeg


Would you like to serve on an upcoming Tres Dias weekend? 
If so, join us for an upcoming Essentials Training classes.
You must take an Essentials class prior to serving on a weekend.

The Leaders Committee is offering a training date before the Secuela.

Saturday, July 20th

3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Board Member

Meet Teresa Bronsky

NTTD Board of Directors, At Large Place 7

My name is Teresa Bronsky and I attended NTTD#29.  My husband and I worship and serve at Reclamation Church in Plano. 


Tres Dias holds a special place in my heart ever since my weekend when I realized that my AMAZING Father in heaven loved me unconditionally, regardless of what I could do for Him. Before that experience, I had doubts about His love, thinking that I had to earn it by not making mistakes or by constantly doing things for Him. However, after my Tres Dias weekend, I returned to my church with a renewed mindset and a heart filled with joy!


While my husband immediately started serving on Tres Dias teams, I hesitated. Eventually, I felt a calling to serve on both Tres Dias teams and the teen’s version of Tres Dias. It has been a true blessing! Connecting with other women of God and serving alongside them has helped me grow in many aspects. My faith journey has become richer through service, and I have found friends, supporters, and prayer partners along the way. Each time I serve on a team, I am overwhelmed with joy as I work with both old and new friends.


Part of serving is giving back to others. I still find fulfillment in serving in my community, church, and on teams, but now I also find joy in serving on the NTTD board. It is crucial to me that NTTD remains a community that offers healing and hope to those in need. I am committed to serving my Father, the Most High King, for as long as I am able.

Pres Points

Do you have a Palanca Testimony?

Do you have a story about special Palanca you received on your Tres Dias weekend that made an impact in your life? Whether it was a handmade item, a note from a team member, or yummy food we would love to hear your story!


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