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Flower in Sunlight

May Newsletter



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Next NTTD Weekends:

  • Weekend #74 - Men

    • August 24-27, 2023​

  • Weekend #74 - Women​

    • September 7-10, 2023​



North Texas Tres Dias has a NEW community portal!

For many years our community has been so blessed to have a community portal that has assisted us with communication and service tracking.  As our community has grown, so has the demands on our community portal, and the hard-working volunteers who code and maintain the site. 

Many churches today are using an internet software called Pushpay.  This company not only has solutions for church management and serving, but also includes giving and a phone app!  Matter of fact, if you give to your church, more than likely you are giving through Pushpay.

The community has successfully completed a set of Tres Dias weekends using our new community portal, NTTD Connect.  There were many useful features that assisted us making our meetings and weekends operate more efficiently.  The Technology Committee is continually improving our system in order to better serve the community.  The hope is, by having a more effective way of communication, it will bring our almost 5000 Pescadores together.

To get started, click on the button or go to to begin.  If you have never logged on, you will select "Request Account." You will fill in your information, and then check your email for more instructions.

Once you log on, be sure to update your Profile by logging in, selecting your profile, then "Edit Profile." 

Please don't hesitate to email for assistance logging on.

Chicken and Vegetables


Saturday, May 13, 2023

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

TPC Commons

121 S Tennessee Street

McKinney TX 75069




Last Names Begin With:

A - J: Main/Meat Dishes
K - P: Desserts
Q - Z: Side Dishes/Salads



Do you want to serve on a North Texas Tres Dias weekend? 

You need Essentials Training!

Were you blessed on your Tres Dias weekend by those Pescadors serving you?

Would you like to be a blessing?

In order to serve on a NTTD Team, you will first need to attend the Tres Dias Essentials Training. 

Saturday, May 13th

4:00 pm (Before the Secuela)

TPC Commons

121 S Tennessee Street, McKinney, TX 75069


Let your "Yes" be "Yes"

So, you just got off the phone with the Rector of the next NTTD weekend who asked you to serve on the team. Having both received those calls and been the one making calls as Rector of NTTD Men’s 68, I understand the urge to immediately answer, “YES!” But whether it’s your first time to serve or you’re a veteran of many weekends, I encourage you to take some time to prayerfully consider a few things before making the commitment to serve.

The Leaders Committee of the NTTD Board of Directors have created a "Team Covenant" to help you with your decision to serve.

The purpose of this document is not to be overly legalistic, but to emphasize the importance of the commitment you are making to the Rector, to the success of the weekend, and ultimately, to God.

~ Pete D'Aloise, Leaders Committee Chair

Tusant Family tall.jpeg

Meet Abigail Tusant

My name is Abigail Tusant.  I attended North Texas Tres Dias Weekend #30.  My husband, André, and our daughter, Amelia, attend and serve at Valley Creek Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

When André and I were in the dating phase of our relationship, I loved hanging around the Tusant family.  They had such love for each other and love for God. The laughter and games made me fall in love with André even more.  However, they kept talking about this "Tres Dias" thing.  For context, when I was 18, I found myself in a religious cult in New York City.  It was so bad, my family had to gather an intervention to extract me from the church.  When André’s family hushed each other when Tres Dias was spoken about around me, my defenses went up.  I didn't know what to think about this secretive weekend. It gave me a huge red flag, and I didn’t think I could trust them.

As time went on, I fell more and more in love with André and his family.  One night, I asked André if he really wanted me to attend a Tres Dias weekend.  He finally confessed that I would need to go if we were going to get married. (GULP) I attended the next available Tres Dias weekend!

I was pleased to find out it was NOT a cult! It was quite the opposite. It was a healing and life-giving experience.  I felt the presence of God like I have never felt in my life.  It was on my weekend I realized that God my Father, not only loved me (which I knew), but he was FOR me.


This healing is the reason I love Tres Dias!  It is why I serve on weekends.  It’s why I spend many, many hours serving on the NTTD Board as the Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and on the Tech Committee. Like they say, I don't do it for the "Thanks."  I serve because when I answered the question "What do I hope to do as a result of this?" I said I would do everything I could to help other people know that God loves them, and He is FOR them.


De Colores! Abigail Tusant

Board Highlight
Graphic Shapes

Treasure's Update

To keep up with rising costs of our Campground at Lake Lavon, as well as materials, and supplies to host our 3-day renewal weekends, we have had to raise the team fee once again, now $240.  The good news is Team Members will have options to make partial payments, 4 - $60 payments, 2 - $120 payments, and of course you can always pay the full team fee of $240 at one time, which is preferred. Team can also make checks payable to NTTD, Inc. or North Texas Tres Dias, and give to the Assistant Head/Head Cha no later than the last team meeting.  We no longer accept cash or Zelle for Team Fees.  Sorry! PLEASE NOTE: The entire team fee must be paid by the final team meeting, or you will be asked not to serve on the weekend. When you are selected for a team, you will start your process on our new Team Member Checklist here.

For your Candidates to secure a spot-on Weekend’s 74 and beyond, we will require a $100.00 deposit with their application.  The deposit, combined with funds donated by a generous donor to North Texas Tres Dias, covers the remaining costs to attend and therefore the Candidate’s initial and final cost is only $100.00.  Find the Candidate Application here.

Please also note, your tax-deductible contributions, no matter what size, are always welcome, either one time or reoccurring, and Individual Contributors and/or Corporate Contributors will receive an annual acknowledgment letter to support your IRS tax deduction records.

It is still our desire for everyone to prayerfully consider supporting us (North Texas Tres Dias) financially with a small monthly reoccurring contribution.  We would love to eventually eliminate the need for Team and Candidate fees entirely, and we can easily do that if we all get on board. 

To support our ministry financially, visit our Giving Page.

You can also make one time Individual and Corporate Contributions via Zelle.

  • “Send to” NTTD, Inc. (enter NTTD, Inc. in the First Name field)

  • “Send by” Email address:

  • In the Memo (Optional) field: “Individual Contribution” or “Corporate Contribution”


I would love to discuss or answer any questions you have about our

Non-Profit Organization, future and ongoing financial support,

or income we receive via Team Fees and/or Candidate Deposits.

Please contact me at:

Thank you and DeColores!

Rob Burner

NTTD Board Treasurer

Rob Burner_edited.png


Dak Lyons.jpeg

Serving on a Tres Dias weekend is a unique experience! Whether it's your first, or you've served a dozen, you will never have the same group as candidates and team together. As you can imagine, you can never tell who will show up as candidates, and how they will receive the weekend. But the team is a different story! We - usually, mostly - know who will be on the team serving, and the team has been working together for a while on getting ready for the weekend. It can be a challenge to be on the same page as we all bring our different issues, beliefs, circumstances and preferences into the weekend, and problems may still arise.

I believe the answers lie in Philippians 2, as Paul tells us all we have to do is:  

  • Fellowship in the Spirit 

  • Have tender and compassionate hearts 

  • Agree wholeheartedly with each other 

  • Love one another 

  • Work together with one mind and purpose 

  • Be unselfish 

  • Don’t try to impress others 

  • Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves 

  • And don’t look out only for your own interests 

Is that all?! No, there’s more! You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had… ”Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to. Instead, he gave up his divine privileges and he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.”

I don’t know about you, well maybe I do, but I can’t do that list without the Spirit’s help and strength. So I am praying we are constantly praying for attitudes like Christ!

De Colores!

Dak Lyons

NTTD President

Pres Points


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