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NTTD Community Newsletter


March Newsletter

New Community Portal

A new way to connect & serve!

The board of directors and the newly created Technology Committee are ecstatic to introduce our New Community Portal!  

For many years our community has been so blessed to have a community portal that has assisted us with communication and service tracking.  We came to rely on this community tool for pescador and weekend information. The system was custom built by pescador Rick Williams who attended NTTD #16.  It was miles beyond what a group of volunteers could hope for.  NTTD is so grateful to what he built and maintained for so many Tres Dias weekends.

As our community has grown, so has the demands on our community portal, and the hard-working volunteers who code and maintain the site.  We realized the future of our current Community Portal is not going to be sustainable.

When our current board president, Dak Lyons, began his term, he knew there was a huge task in finding a more sustainable solution to take our community into the future.  The NTTD Board of Directors amended the NTTD Bylaws to include a new Technology Standing Committee.  Dak promptly nominated Byron Relayson as the committee chair, and the board unanimously approved the nominee.  Byron got busy searching for a solution.


After scouring the internet for solutions, the place he found inspiration was his own church.  Many churches today are using an internet software called Pushpay.  This company not only has solutions for church management and serving, but also includes giving and phone apps!  Matter of fact, if you give to your church, more than likely you are giving through Pushpay.

Our Tech Committee (Byron Relayson, Abigail Tusant, Zach Stockton, Scott Smith) have been hard at work preparing our new online community portal.  We have uploaded past work experience and pescador contact information from our previous community site.  We know there will be a learning curve, and our tech committee will continue to make changes that will be beneficial for everyone.  We are working to create training videos that will help you navigate and work with our new portal.  Make sure to check future Newsletters for fun new features!

To get started, click on the button or go to to begin.  If you have never logged on, you will select "Request Account." You will fill in your information, and then check your email for more instructions. Please don't hesitate to email for assistance logging on.

~Abigail Tusant, Corresponding Secretary

new site

Meet Linda Madrid

I’m Linda Madrid and I attended NTTD #50. I’ve been married to my husband, Chris, for 17 years, and we have three children (ages 12, 8, 5). We live in McKinney and we love to worship and serve at The Parks Church in McKinney.


I have the privilege of serving on the board as the current vice president and also as a part of the Fourth Day Committee. I’ve learned so much since the first time I came on board as an at-large member a few years ago. At times, I’ve felt insecure about my role but the Lord has grown my confidence. As long as your heart is willing and discerning, God can use anyone to steward His ministry.


It takes a village; it takes the body of Christ. I hope to see more new faces in the future and the move of God in this ministry to continue! 

~ Linda Madrid, Vice President

Chris and Linda Madrid.png
Board Highlight
Prayer Wheel Sign Up
A new place to find our Prayer Wheel

As we gear up for North Texas Tres Dias #73 Weekends, we know that the teams are doing their very best to prepare to give their all to serve the Candidates who will be attending.  As the community, it is our responsibility to make a petition of prayer on behalf of the candidates, team, and Rectors.

The most impactful way of praying is signing up for the 24/7 Palanca Prayer Wheel.  Remember, everyone who signs up to pray will have their name displayed during the weekend to show the candidates how the community is supporting them.


With our new community portal, we have a way of signing up for the Weekend Prayer Wheels!  You can do this on the new community portal at, sign in or register for a account.  

Register Your Reunion Group

With the introduction our of new community portal, we have the ability for the community members to register their Reunion Group.  When you you fill out the form below, our 4th Day Committee will create a "Group" for you on the new community portal.  

Once your group is created, you will be able to:

  • Add group members

  • Communicate easily with group members

  • Create, RSVP, and comment on Events

  • Create a sign-up for needs

  • Upload files

The hope is that this will give Reunion Groups a place other than social media to stay connected.  Have one of your group members registar.

Reunion grp
Pres Points


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